Seeing as how 2018's 'The Predator' was clearly setting itself up for a sequel, and subsequently bombed at the box office, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there's another attempt being mounted.

Deadline is reporting that Dan Trachtenberg, who directed '10 Cloverfield Lane' and episodes of 'The Boys' and 'Black Mirror', is now set to take on what will be the fifth instalment of the 'Predator' franchise.

By all accounts, Trachtenberg wasn't exactly pleased that Deadline got the scoop, as there appeared to be some kind of work going on to either drop the movie into cinemas out of nowhere, or potentially tease it in some other way.

Here's the cryptic tweet in question. Our guess? It wasn't going to the cinemas under a 'Predator' title, and you'd only find out that it's a Predator until the very end, sort of like 'Interstellar' and Matt Damon, except Matt Damon's a predator.

Per Deadline's report, Trachtenberg's movie will ignore the events of 'The Predator', leaving it open for just about anything. While that might seem like it's a reboot, the fact is that every 'Predator' movie has been more or less unique in itself.

The first movie was set in a South American jungle, the second was set in the far-flung future of 1997, while the third was set on a forest planet where a bunch of mercenaries, soldiers, and serial killers were transported there as a sort of game preserve. The fourth, meanwhile, featured a group of PTSD-addled soldiers try to take on a Predator that escaped into suburbia.

Our guess? The fifth one will be set somewhere in the Arctic Circle because you've had jungles, forests, cities, suburban towns, so why not icy tundras?