Now that we're only a few short months away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warners and DC are beginning to put wheels in motion for the next Batman film.

Ben Affleck hasn't officially signed on to direct the standalone Batman film, however it is known that he's writing the script alongside DC Comics' Geoff Johns. A report went online last night that's now confirmed a few rumours and potentially spoiled a few details of the film.

If you've no interest in reading potential spoilers, best turn away now.




Still here? Good. So, it's been reported - although not officially confirmed, obviously - that the standalone Batman film will focus on Jason Todd, the Robin who replaced Dick Grayson. Todd was supposed to have died at the hands of Joker after he beat half to death with a crowbar and set a bomb inside a warehouse where he was keeping Todd.

Todd escapes, blames Batman for leaving him for dead and assumes a new identity - The Red Hood. He then sets about murdering criminals and basically framing Batman to look like a murderous criminal as well, all the while leaving clues for Batman to solve so that there'll be an eventual confrontation with the two.

There's already rumours, however, that the character of Jason Todd is actually - wait for it - The Joker. Yeah. Remember in the trailer for Batman v Superman when it showed Robin's armour and the 'HA HA JOKE'S ON YOU' bit? That's what all that was about, seemingly. That's a fan theory, mind, but Zack Snyder has said that some of the fan theories circulating are correct and that one's got a good deal of evidence behind it.

Jason Todd's an interesting character and quite well-known in the comics, but hasn't been turned into a live-action character yet. The report also states that an unknown actor will be cast as Todd, one that can eventually develop into the role and can be used in later films. It's clear that Warners / DC are taking a leaf out of Marvel's book here as the storyline smacks of Captain America: Winter Soldier to us.

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Via JoBlo