Although you might not think it, sci-fi and horror is in rude health with young Irish directors.

You only have to look at Gary Shore's big-budget blockbuster Dracula Untold and Ciaran Foy being head-hunted by Blumhouse Pictures to take on the follow-up to Sinister. Not only that, Ruairi Robinson's proof-of-concept trailer The Leviathan captured the imagination of the Internet and proved that Irish directors are more than capable of making sci-fi that appeals to a mass audience.

Last week saw the release of another proof-of-concept trailer, Ayame, from director Conor Maloney. The trailer, seen below, is intended as a moodpiece for the film and to act as a potential springboard for the film itself.

We talked to Conor about his release plan for the film, why he waited two years to release the trailer and what's in store for the film itself.

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