Comedy troupe and new stars of Saturday Night Live 'Please Don't Destroy' are hitting the big screen after penning a deal with Universal.

The film portrays three childhood friends who live and work together. Not liking where their lives are headed, they set off to find gold treasure rumoured to be buried on a nearby mountain.

Comedy film master Judd Apatow is in line to produce alongside Jimmy Miller.

Paul Briganti, SNL director, is at the helm, with production already underway. Universal expect an August 18, 2023 release.

'Please Don't Destroy' consists of Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy. They met during college in NYU and, where they formed their comedy group and performed around New York.

The trio started to gain gain popularity on social media through the Covid era of 2020 where they would film short sketches in their shared apartment. Shortly after their rise to internet fame, SNL snapped them up as writers for the show.

They debuted on the long-running skit show in October 2021 and have become a solid fan-favourite. Constantly compared to 'The Lonely Island', they've made multiple digital shorts with celebrity guests including Remi Malek, Lizzo, Paul Rudd and Taylor Swift.

In addition to writing the screenplay, Marshall, Higgins and Herlihy will star in and executive produce the film. Additional cast will be announced in the coming weeks.

The 'Please Don't Destroy' untitled movie releases in cinemas on August 19, 2023