This is incredible news given our culture largely comprises of staying in-doors, so the cinema is always a good way of mixing things up - particularly if you've got kids crawling the walls on a rainy day. Here are just a few dates to mark off the five year calendar regarding Pixar's upcoming releases. 

While The Good Dinosaur is fast approaching, we'll have to wait quite some time before we're treated to Cars 3, while "Coco will be a fresh film hitting theaters in November the same year, featuring some fun with Dia De Los Muertos". Then we've the highly anticipated Toy Story 4, followed by the second installment of The Incredibles. 

To be honest, the one we're most looking forward to is Finding Dory (read all about who's voicing the characters and more over yonder). It's hard to believe that Finding Nemo was released in 2003 as the animation still looks extremely fresh today. We're also scared where they're going to go with Toy Story 4; we're still getting over the tear jerking ending of its predecessor... It was just so perfect, we don't know how they're going to top it. ALL THE FEELS.