Even though the likes of Elton John hasn't been a fan of Disney's live-action movies, the Mouse House is ploughing forward with its plan to turn every animated movie in its catalogue into a live-action movie.

'Pinocchio' is one that's been on the cards for some time, with the likes of 'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes attempting it at one point, followed by 'Paddington' helmer Paul King. However, the latest director to attempt to grapple with it is none other than Robert Zemeckis, best known for 'Back to the Future', 'Forrest Gump', and 'The Polar Express'.

Originally released in 1940, 'Pinocchio' has been a staple of Disney's iconography and was one of the first tipped for a live-action reboot. Zemeckis, meanwhile, is currently working on adapting another children's classic for the screen - namely, Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'.

The new iteration will see Anne Hathaway replace Anjelica Huston as The Grand High Witch, and will likely use the same CGI that Zemeckis has deployed before in the likes of 'Welcome To Marwen' and 'Beowulf'.

It's early days yet and no release date has been scheduled for 'Pinocchio', however seeing how much box office the likes of 'The Lion King' and 'Dumbo' has made, you've got to imagine that it's only going to be a matter of time before someone - be it Robert Zemeckis or someone else - takes on 'Pinnochio'.