There's plenty of movie rumours circulating this morning. First up, how'd y'all feel about a Pineapple Express sequel? James Franco wants it and he cannot fathom why there's a hold up to the original movie from 2008.

It was after the release of a fake, fan-made trailer last month that's sparked Franco's interest in speeding up the possibility of a return. Speaking to GQ, the Oz: The Great and Powerful actor said: "As far as why Pineapple Express 2 has not been made for real, I don't know what the hold-up is. I would do it, Danny [McBride] would do it, Seth would do it. I think Seth and Evan just need a fire lit under their asses."

Come on, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, get the finger(s) out!

In the meantime, you have Franco's latest outing where he teams up once more with the Pineapple Express crew in random apocalyptic comedy This Is The End, for which all of the actors star as themselves.

Check out the trailer here, yo!