It was the film that launched Zac Efron’s career. Whether you loved it or loved to hate it, you gotta admit, those songs were catchy as hell.

Zac Efron of course played Troy, the school’s attractive basketball star who could also sing. His bestie was Chad, played by Corbin Bleu, while Lucas Grabeel played Ryan, the twin brother of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) who always wanted to ruin everyone’s fun – boo!

The three boys from the film reunited when Efron and Grabeel meet up with Bleu after the latter had performed in new Broadway musical Holiday Inn (well, he was always the best dancer of the three).

High School Musical premiered on the Disney Channel ten years ago, and the cast have not aged a day.

Both Efron and Grabeel shared pictures of them hanging out, and they are just the sweetest.



As the song goes, The Boys are Back (that’s from the third High School Musical, not that we’ve seen all three… *coughs*)!