As we reported on a few days ago, Hugh Jackman's final on-screen appearance as Wolverine / Logan is going to be pretty out there.

Director James Mangold has already said that when people get hurt in Logan - that's the name of the third Wolverine movie - they'll stay hurt. Going by these recently released Instagram posts, that the point is really being hammered home as one of the photos is a severed arm holding a shotgun.

Take a look.



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If you're wondering what the last one says, it basically means NO LOITERING. The motel thing does also suggest that Logan will have some film noir elements, as that neon sign just screams hard-boiled detective story. If you look closely at the puddle of water in the photo, you can see a small girl - possibly the one from the poster.

Also, the one with the glasses is Narcos star Boyd Holbrook and the character he'll be playing is Donald Pierce, who is - in the comics, anyway - a cyborg who has a deep hatred of mutants and joins the Hellefire Club in order to gain the trust of mutants so as to wipe them out more effectively.

What's interesting about these - and the photo of Patrick Stewart as a geriatric Professor X as well - is that not only is the look more real and less stylised, it also has much more adult theme to it all. You'd never imagine seeing a severed arm in X-Men Origins: Wolverine or the like, so it's interesting to see where James Mangold takes it.

Either way, we're excited for March 2nd, 2017 when Logan will be released.


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