You may have seen his bared face floating around the internet already, but for those who haven't, let us introduce you to Joonas Suotamo. He is Finnish basketball player who's incredibly tall (6 foot 10 inches to be exact) for obvious reasons. He was reportedly drafted in to help play Chewie as Peter Mayhew's mobility isn't what it used to be. 

The kind souls at Buzzfeed have cobbled together a collection of social media pics highlighting Joonas' attributes, and personally I'm very grateful. Had no idea Chewie had such killer cheekbones. 


He's a dead ringer for Dolph Lundgren, only much, MUCH taller - and presumably with bigger feet...

In other Star Wars news (that's not really 'news') there's a Star Wars Porn Star Name Generator of sorts doing the rounds - also courtesy of Buzzfeed. Not going to lie, I found it VERY confusing.