The Princess Diaries: Saturday, 5.30pm, RTE ONE
This is the film that brought Anne Hathaway into the public consciousness, as both it and its sequel were huge hits and still a perpetual fixture at any sleepover (don't ask me how I know). Hathaway is a gawky, goofy and generally quite nerdy-like high school student who finds out that she's actually got royal blood. Que lots of falling over, looking adorable and then having a makeover and looking all great (from certain angles). Hathaway is very charming in the lead role, and it's always good to be reminded that Julie Andrews is still alive. Directed by Pretty Woman helmer Garry Marshall, it's perfect late afternoon viewing with the hormonal adolescent in your life.

Collateral Damage: Saturday, 9.00pm, Channel 4
This is the last film Arnie headlined before mercifully given up acting and instead taking over one of the biggest economies in the world, by becoming The Governor of California. It's absolute shite, but it's shite in a way that is still entertaining. C'mon, most of his films are so bad they're good, and this one is no exception. Here, he's a pissed off fire-fighter who sets about tracking down some terrorists who blew up his Kodak family. Big mistake. He heads down to South America to work on his tan, and blow the culprits up. Directed by the hit-and-miss Andrew Davies (The Fugitive), watch it while consuming vast amounts of alcohol, or alternatively, if you're not of age, in between games of spin the bottle.

Kingpin: Sunday, 11.00pm, CHannel 4
This is easily the pick of (a slow) weekend, as it's genuinely one of the most underrated comedy's in recent memory. Woody Harrelson shows stellar comedic chops as Roy Munsen, a promising bowler who is outsmarted by rival player Big Ernie McCracken, played hilariously by Bill Murray. When Munsen is washed up years after he loses his bowling hand because of Big Ern's callous actions, he finds a talented Amish man who he intends to manage to the world championship in Las Vegas. Much crass humour ensues, as Randy Quaid and Vanessa Angel steal their fair share of laughs in this cracking comedy. It was the first film The Farrelly Brothers made after Dumb And Dumber and the last out-and-out hilarious one that we've seen from them. A cult classic, if you haven't already seen it tonight is a perfect chance.