The Snapper is about as classic an Irish movie as you could get, so you'd imagine that for its American release, they would have hammed up the fact it was from our fair shore given how popular our little island is with them lot across the pond.

Well eh, as you can see from below, the American poster for it couldn't look any more different to the movie.

Sporting the tag line; "She's got a little secret, and a lot of explaining to do.' It all just sounds like good wholesome fun really. Not even a mention of Georgie Burgess or any Spanish bleedin' sailors.

The Los Angeles Times even labelled it "Sassy!"

T'was far from sassy those Curleys were rared.

We think that might be actress Tina Kelleher under that sheet... well maybe just her eyes superimposed onto someone else's body.

The movie actually did well enough stateside however, with Colm Meaney securing a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Dessie Curley.

Still though, that cover makes it look more like a cheesy American rom-com than the movie we've come to know and love.