Ever since he was the announced as the safe pair of hands that would replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the director's chair for the Han Solo spinoff, Ron Howard has taken every and any opportunity to tease fans by posting behind the scenes images from the shoot on Twitter and Instagram. 

At first he was cautious about the images he would share, simply starting with his feet. 

But he has clearly grown in confidence because he has since trolled fans with an image of Chewbacca.

And also an image of Lando Calrissian's wardrobe.


#UntitledHanSoloMovie Care to guess whose closet this is?

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Just hours ago, Howard posted his latest tease on Instagram.


lining up a shot today from my director's monitor

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Yes that's Donald Glover in character as Lando Calrissian in what appears to be the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Fans will of course remember that Lando was the original owner of the Falcon before losing it to Han Solo in a card game.