‘Run, Forrest, Run!’

Those words were first uttered by a young actress named Hanna Hall in the beloved 1994 film Forrest Gump. The flick won six Oscars and inspired a heap of quotes like ‘Life is like a bunch of chocolates’ that are still used with joyful nostalgia today.

When Forrest is a boy (his adult self is played of course by the iconic Tom Hanks), he is offered a seat on the school bus by a young girl named Jenny. The two develop a sincere bond which lasts well into adulthood.

Hall was a delight to watch and even broke our hearts at times.

Five years later, the actress starred as one of the Lisbon sisters in The Virgin Suicides opposite Kirsten Dunst, and she continues to act in both film and television now. Most recently she guest starred on Showtime’s Masters of Sex.

Amazingly, it’s been over twenty years and you can still see the resemblance to young Jenny:

As a bonus, here’s that unforgettable scene from when she was younger, when she delivered that unforgettable line:


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