Hugh Jackman has revealed the title of the ninth film for which he will play the iconic superhero character.

It is the third and final film in the standalone trilogy that centres on the Wolverine as protagonist.

It was sixteen years ago (just to throw another figure into the mix) that Jackman first played the character, and now the actor himself has revealed the movie’s poster and title via Twitter.


Much like Ben Affleck reported his new standalone superhero movie will be called The Batman, the movie producers of the X-Men spinoff have opted for a simple title: Logan.

The film is set for release in March of next year and will reportedly draw from the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics (which has been rumoured since Jackman shared a picture of himself as an old Wolverine on social media).

The film is set to be directed by James Mangold and will have a R-rating.

The poster depicts Wolverine, aka Logan, holding a child’s hand.

We’re loving Ryan Reynold’s reaction: