It's always funny to look back on iconic films and think what might have been.

What would Jaws look like if they actually got the shark to work? Would it still be as effective? What if Stephen King got his way on the set of The Shining? What if Daniel Day-Lewis decided to, y'know, take it easy on set for a day?

The same goes for film titles, too. Some films are known to have working titles which often are either related to the film or are so weird as to throw people and journalists off the scent. For example, Return of the Jedi was actually called Blue Harvest during its production. Christopher Nolan used The Intimidation Game during the production of Batman Begins.

In other cases, there are films that have earlier names that are so laughable as to be funny. Case in point is Back To The Future which, according to this note from 1985 to producer Steven Spielberg, details something pretty interesting about the iconic film.

Take a look.

Long story short, the idea was to call Back To The Future something totally different and actually awful - Space Man From Pluto.

Imagine having to explain to audiences that it's not set in space nor is it actually about Pluto. Not only that, it doesn't even make sense. Back To The Future sounds cool, looks great in font and it's even mentioned in the script.

The best part, however, is how Spielberg responded. The rumour was that Spielberg wrote back to Sid Sheinberg and thanked him for the funny joke and continued on regardless.

That's ice cold, Spielberg.


Via Imgur