Red Nose Day Actually, the 10-minute sequel short to Love Actually that has been organised as part of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, is on its way and we couldn’t be more excited.

While Emma Thompson will not be joining the cast, most of the original guys are gonna be back, and recently we got our first look at Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played the grieving father Daniel and his love-struck young son Sam.

One of the funniest characters of the 2003 Christmas rom com was undoubtedly Rufus, played by Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr Bean. Fans of the film will undoubtedly remember when Alan Rickman’s character Harry was trying to buy a necklace and Rufus insisted on wrapping it very elaborately for him.

It’s day 2 of filming on the Love Actually (kind of) sequel now, and shooting took place today in a Sainsbury’s branch.

Emma Freud (director Richard Curtis’ partner and script editor) posted behind-the-scenes photos from filming, most of which revealed teasingly little:




But then we were given a sneak peek of Atkinson as Rufus:



It may be something of a downgrade for Rufus to go from jewellery counter to department store, but if his scene plays anything like it did in the first Love Actually, no doubt this is one that will have us chortling.