Well, those are two names you never thought you’d see together, huh?

John Travolta has been totally transforming himself for parts in recent years, including in Life on the Line in 2016 and the Gotti biopic a year later. But this really takes the Bizkit (ok, no more puns, we swear).

The Grease actor was spotted in costume for the upcoming movie Moose and this photo shared by Redditor BunyipPouch is something else.


Between the haircut, glasses, shirt and shorts, the actor is immediately striking and given he’s meant to play a creepy stalker, the look is fitting.

Directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, Moose sees a rabid film fan stalk his favourite action hero and destroy the star's life. The story is reportedly based on Durst's own life and his experience with an overzealous fan-turned-stalker.

It’s certainly peaked our interest.