If there's a moment in this film where we see Jennifer Garner doing pull-ups with a hospital bed, James Cameron and Linda Hamilton may genuinely have a case.

'Peppermint' sees Jennifer Garner as a loving mother whose daughter and husband are shot dead inexplicably by members of the Generic Mexican Cartel right outside a fairground - imagery, you guys - and falls into a coma. Upon waking up, the system has failed her and she decides to go off the grid and become a one-woman army that delivers her own brand of justice.

Right there, we're seeing flashes of 'Death Wish', 'Law Abiding Citizen', 'Taken' and a few others in there as well. In fact, 'Taken' director Pierre Morel is behind the camera here - so expect lots of blood-gushing murder shots from Sydney Barstow. Sorry, Jennifer Garner.

We're all Alias fans here. Peppermint hits Irish cinemas on September 21st.