There are many ways you can people away from your house, but most of them involve either being a terrible person, poor hygiene, or devaluing the property price if you're a homeowner.

So, how do you keep people away from you without having to become a hoarding hermit, or arguing with people online on Facebook comments? Well, you could pay around $1,000 for a six-foot foam doll of Pennywise from Stephen King's 'It' and place it in your front room.


But does such a thing exist? Hah, idiot. Of course there is.

We live in the internet age. If you can think of something, there's either porn of it or there's somewhere you can buy it. And so it goes that there's now a six-foot foam doll of Pennywise from 'It', available to buy online and be shipped to your home.

The life-size, foam rubber doll - made by NECA Toys - will be available from February 2020, and apparently doesn't come with two red balloons, or a terrifying voice that giggles with glee as it eats small children.

Those, it would appear, you have to supply yourself.