Although it's almost a year and a few months to the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the directors behind the 2017 blockbuster have pretty much wrapped up filming.

All, it would seem, except for one scene involving a little-known musician called Paul McCartney who played in an equally little-known band called Wings. Also, The Beatles. Yes, the Cute One will join Johnny Depp and Keith 'Keef' Richards of Rolling Stones fame on the set of Dead Men Tell No Tales in the coming weeks to film a key scene before a major battle sequence.

It's not yet known exactly who Macca is playing, but it is known that the film was all but completed before this scene was set up. Most likely, we're guessing, it indicates that Macca's role isn't all that pivotal and is basically just a quick little cameo in proceedings. Keith Richards of the infinitely-superior Rolling Stones plays Captain Teague, the father of Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow and had something of a scene-stealing cameo in the otherwise-disappointing At World's End.

McCartney, meanwhile, turned up in a key episode of The Simpsons with his late wife, Linda McCartney, and discussed his vegan beliefs and so on and, more recently, turned up in an episode of Netflix's Bojack Horseman.

Yes, really. That really was Paul McCartney. Go back and check the credits.