A documentary based on Paris Hilton is on the way.

People of a certain age would have been introduced to the socialite through '00s reality series 'The Simple Life.'

There was also the leaked sex tape as well as ventures into an acting, modelling, singing and DJing career.

Yup, a lot of factors have contributed to Paris Hilton's fame, not least her being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, of Hilton Hotels.

Largely though, people consider her "famous for being famous."

This new documentary, 'This is Paris', promises to delve into what her life is really like.

"I feel like the whole world thinks they know me," she says in the trailer. "No one really knows who I am. ... I don't even know who I am sometimes. I didn't used to be that way."

"I'm so used to like, playing a character, that it's hard for me be normal," she adds.

The Youtube Original doc lands September 14th.