From the filmmaker who brought you Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro is returning this summer with sci-fi thriller Pacific Rim. Set in the near future, a war is waging between the protectors of earth, 'Kaiju' robots, and the invading giant monsters. The jaegers and their pilots must fight off the destructive monsters against all odds or lose their world forever. Due in cinemas Friday 12th July, with the excellent imagery and enthralling plot the Kaiju robots could just be the next generation's Transformers.

Celebrating the release of Pacific Rim, Warner Bros. are staging a graffiti battle in Castle Market, Dublin, this Saturday. Four artists will battle it out to create the winning Jaeger. Each artist will create an Irish version of a Jaeger that will represent a province. The first battle will take place between 12 noon -4 pm, with the second lasting from 4pm-8pm. The jaeger's weapon of choice, skills and background all have to be envisioned by the artist. The audience will decide winning image of the competition. Kids and adults alike are welcomed to the graffiti duel.