The couple and family company Osbourne Media are working with Sony and Polygram for the upcoming feature film.

The as-yet-untitled project will be centred around the relationship between the former 'Black Sabbath' singer and the media personality. The pair reached the height of public attention during the MTV show 'The Osbournes' which aired from 2002 to 2005.

“Our relationship at times was often wild, insane and dangerous but it was our undying love that kept us together,” stated Sharon Osbourne. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and Polygram to bring our story to the screen.”

Last year, daughter Kelly Osbourne hinted at a new project on the table for the family. "I’m not joking, every single year about every three months or so someone else gives us another offer and we keep saying no."

"It keeps coming ’round. Right now there’s another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to accepting one."

Polygram Entertainment, the film and TV arm of Universal Music Group, will develop the film. Production will come from Osbourne Media, the company ran by Ozzy and Sharon's children Jack and Aimée.

Oscar nominee Lee Hall will write the script, whose previous work includes 'Billy Elliot' and 'Rocketman'. We can expect a lot of musical numbers within the film, with 'Black Sabbath' songs and hits from Osbourne's solo career set to feature.