Anyone wanna see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn riff together once again? Well, you're only human. With their latest film Internship based and filmed in Google headquarters, the two comedy star will have some serious luck with the promotion of their new flick...we're sure that was a big coincidence, picking one of the largest internet corporations in the world. With the film set for release June 7th, they have made a viral video starring the duo larking about.

The YouTube short shows Wilson and Vaughan with Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation). Schwartz plays a goofy executive trying to pitch half-brained film plots to happy-go-lucky Wilson and deadpan Vaughan. Fans of the comedy Frat Pack, as they are known, (which also stars Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell) will enjoy the short's similarities to old sketches done with Stiller. Kidding around with your buddies all day for millions of dollars? They give us a serious case of job envy those guys.

Watch the clip here to see such classic lines as 'you know what hobbits have? Hearts. Let your heart shine and be a tiny guy', as well as 'gimme a pipe 'cause I'm gonna smoke some of that Buckshire weed'. A once off? These should be made each and every day.