Now that all the noise has died down, the winners announced, the dresses catalogued, the red carpet rolled away, was this one of the most predictable Oscars to date?

Aside from a lively Best Picture category which could have seen anything from the likes of The Shape Of Water to Get Out take the gong, there was very little movement from industry predictions and most of our own panned out pretty much as expected. So, what does that tell us about the voting system and where it's all headed?

Well, for one thing, if it goes in the Golden Globes, there's a better chance of it going in the Oscars. Aside from that, the Independent Spirit Awards - where Get Out and Jordan Peele won Best Picture and Best Director while Timothee Chalamet won Best Male Lead - definitely feels like a consolation prize to the Oscars.

So, on with the analysis. We begin with...



We predicted... Gary Oldman

The winner was... Gary Oldman

The larger question is whether or not Gary Oldman deserved it for Darkest Hour or if this was merely just a case of Sandra Bullocking him an Oscar. Either way, good that we can now finally call him Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman.



We predicted... Either Frances McDormand or Saoirse Ronan

The winner was... Frances McDormand

Whatever happened with Lady Bird, maybe it was being over-hyped and the whole 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, Saoirse Ronan went from outright favourite to not-a-hope in the space of a few short weeks. That said, can't think of a better winner than Frances McDormand so it all works out in the end. Saoirse Ronan will be back, anyway.



We predicted... Sam Rockwell

The winner was... Sam Rockwell

Again, like the Best Supporting Actress category, this was a foregone conclusion for Sam Rockwell. Real shame he didn't break some dance moves when he won.



We predicted... Allison Janney

The winner was... Allison Janney

She'll always be CJ Cregg to us.



We predicted... Guillermo del Toro

The winner was... Guillermo del Toro

Although it's a shame that Christopher Nolan still remains utterly shut out of the Oscars and was responsible for driving it more towards audience-friendly fare with The Dark Knight being a real contender, he still is yet to be recognised for his talents by the Academy. Ah well, he'll be back.



We predicted... Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The winner was... The Shape Of Water

This was the real horse race in the Oscars, and if they ever release the voting data for Best Picture, it'll probably show a tight gap between Three Billboards and The Shape Of Water. Either way, great to see this get the accolades because it damn well deserved them.


So if you were keeping score at home, that's five out of six right which gives us 83.3% accuracy of predictions. So, y'know, go us and everything.