Just a few former Middle-earth folk, grabbing a pint.

Orlando Bloom has shared a pic on Instagram with his former Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit cast mates, Sir Ian McKellen and Adam Brown, who played Ori in The Hobbit film series.

Legolas, Gandalf and Ori were hanging out together last night and Bloom thankfully shared a snap of it with the rest of us, with the caption: "A dwarf, a wizard, and an elf walk into a bar..."

Orlando seems to be meeting up with his former Lord of the Rings co-stars quite a bit recently, and earlier this month shared a picture with Liv Tyler, who played Arwen Undómiel in the film series, when she turned up to support him in his recent West End show 'Killer Joe'.

Perhaps they're all looking for their roles back for the much-anticipated Amazon 'Lord of the Rings' TV show, and who wouldn't want to see that happen?