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If you're looking for something to watch in cinemas this weekend and you're headed to your local Omniplex Cinema, we've picked three cracking movies to check out.

'Pearl' - In cinemas now

Starring Mia Goth in a chilling prequel to last year's sleeper hit 'X', this movie just confirms Mia Goth as the reigning queen of elevated horror. Set in 1918, the story follows Pearl as she lusts after a new life beyond her drab and dreary existence, and will stop at nothing - even murder - to get it. Think 'American Psycho' if it was set inside a live-action Disney movie in the '40s. You can read our four-star review of 'Pearl' right here.

'Rye Lane' - In cinemas now

In our four-and-half-star review, we called 'Rye Lane' the best romantic comedy of the year so far, and we're sticking to it. Sharp and witty, actually funny, looks fantastic, has a great soundtrack, and it's got two leads that are going to be huge. Taking place over a single day in South London, two recent break-ups are explored in a sweet, earnest and inventive way. You know how people are saying romantic comedies aren't a thing anymore? Watch 'Rye Lane' and see if that statement still stands.

'John Wick: Chapter 4' - In cinemas this Friday

We've waxed lyrical many, many times about how 'John Wick' is now up there with the greatest action franchises of the past two decades. In fact, the only thing that comes even remotely close to it is 'Mission: Impossible' and the Cruiser himself. Following on from the shocking twist-ending of 'Chapter 3', Mr. Wick manages to fight his way out of New York and is now on a collision course with the High Table and might finally just be able to settle the score once and for all. Expect lots of expertly-crafted stunts, exquisitely-executed action setpieces, and Keanu Reeves being the ageless wonder that we know and love.

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