We spoke to Olga Kurylenko, best-known for her role opposite Daniel Craig in 007 outing ‘Quantum of Solace’, ahead of her latest film, ‘Johnny English Strikes Again.’ Her latest sees her take on a comedic role as well as returning to her spy action roles.

On whether ‘Quantum of Solace’ helped prepare her for the threequel in the 'Johnny English', series, the actress answered: “Yeah yeah, [it] did. All the skills of working with guns, for example, which is the case in this movie again – that always comes back, whenever I work with guns I’m like ‘Ok, I’ve done this before, I’m prepared.’ People notice it on set, so it always helps.

“Also doing the stunts, falling in a certain way and moving, I’m quite up for it. That was a big preparation, when I did ‘Quantum of Solace’ back then, so I just carry it through now, whenever there is a stunt involved or anything like that.

“Of course the difference in this one is that it has humour, it has comedy.”

We also asked the actress about, coming from the perspective of being a spy heroine herself, would she like to see a female Bond character?

“Well if there is, it would have to be a separate franchise,” she said. “She cannot replace James Bond because James Bond is a man. But if they want to do a different franchise, yeah, I’m there! I love a bit of stunts!”

As for whom she’d like to see as the next Bond after Daniel Craig, Kurylenko said: “I wouldn’t interfere with that, I’ll let them decide, because it is such a big decision.

“They could always take Rowan [Atkinson],” she joked. “He could just be the serious version of himself.”

You can watch the interview here:

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