I don't know how much more of this I can take before I full on never turn off the lights; Paranormal Activity 5 is on its way to us and we can expect to watch it (and by watch I mean peak at it through the gaps in my fingers) at Halloween 2013. This news comes via Deadline. However what they reckon is more exciting is the news of a PA spinoff, starring mostly Latino actors. Apparently Paramount is in talks to develop an untitled spinoff tentatively set for Spring 2013, directed at the original franchise's large Latin audience. Deadline's Nikki Finke says: "I've learned that screenwriter and director Christopher Landon, who spec-scripted 2007′s big hit Disturbia and is the son of Hollywood legend Michael Landon, is helming." Interesting *strokesimaginarybeard*

Speaking to Digital Spy, Katie Featherstone, star of Paranormal Activity, said that even she's scared sh*tless by the franchise: "I definitely get surprised because we filmed so much, and it's so fluid and it's so improvisation, that we never know going into it, what's going to make the final cut. So when you watch it for the first time, it is a surprise and it's fun to see what actually makes it, and it's definitely scary," she said. "I jumped a number of times watching [Paranormal Activity 4] for the first time."