BOO! Sorry, did we scare you? GOOD! It is Halloween after all, and we're all entitled to a good scare. And speaking of scary, do you know how scary good (see what we did there?) the line-up for movies is this month? Between some of the best horror movies around for the grown-ups, and some of most entertaining films for the kids, now is the perfect time to hit up your local ODEON Cinema to get in out of the rain, wind and ... ghosts! OOOOoooooooooooo...


Okay, first of all, who in their right mind thinks that old porcelain dolls are anything other than creepy as hell?? Whoever buys on of these gets what's coming to them, as they're all clearly a portal for evil to come through! Regardless, the prequel to hit horror The Conjuring, Annabelle tells the story of the doll from the opening scene of that movie, with a family finding themselves scared stiff by a potentially possessed doll. Seriously though, that doll is SO OBVIOUSLY EVIL! Keep it away! What you shouldn't keep away from - especially if you're a student - are the deals and discounts available to you, as long you bring along your valid student ID.

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We would've loved to have been in the room back in the day when they were coming up with the idea for this show. "So... they're turtles... and they're are mutants... who train to be ninjas... but they're still teenagers... What do we call it??" This time round, with producer Michael Bay keeping watchful eye, the green gang take on Shredder with the help of Megan Fox's April O'Neill. Expect big explosions and lots and lots of pizza.


Don't be concerned if you've never heard of this movie, or if you're not entirely sure how to pronounce it, but once you go see it, you'll understand. As a mother and her son deal with a boogeyman come to life, we dare you to not cover your eyes as Mister Babadook reveals himself from the shadows.

Terrifying, and hugely recommended. Without a doubt one of the best horror movies of the last decade, this low-key Australian horror film will have you jumping out of your chair in fright, sending your popcorn into the air and on to the heads of everyone around you. Of course you can then just take advantage of the deals Odeon has to offer on their popcorn, sweets, nachos, hot-dogs and all the other good stuff at the concession stand, so it's kind of a win-win!


From producer Guillermo Del Toro comes this 3D animated movie set against the Mexican Day Of The Dead celebration, as a young man (Diego Luna) must choose between the love of his life, and the love of his family. With an all-star voice cast include Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, Ron Perlman and Danny Terjo, this is probably the most bright and colourful kids film you'll have seen in some time, with the unique and eye popping visuals sure to delight the kids throughout.

As a perfect family film, it's also the perfect film for families to use the great prices available to the adults and their kiddies! Full details right here:

Just like old dolls, there's some things you just shouldn't mess around with, and Ouija boards are one of them. Although we can't think of a good Ouija board scene since What Lies Beneath back in 2000, so it's probably about time the genre gave the devil's boardgame some screen time. Just like TMNT, this movie is also produced by Michael Bay (he's everywhere this month), but with a first time director and a relatively low-key cast, we'd imagine nobody is safe here!


Deep breath.... In..... aaaaaaaaaaand out. Phew. Now that the horror is over, it's time to move on to the worst day of your life. Or, at least, the worst day of Alexander and his family's life. Young Alex believes that he has the world's worst luck, as his family around him all seem to get what they want with relative ease. When he makes a wish that they have just one day of the type of luck he has, they soon see their lives turned upside down in hilarious, out-of-control ways.

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