Generally speaking, horror films should fully immerse the viewer into the dark and twisted mind of the director, right? Well, Lorcan Finnegan's next film looks like it's set out to do just that and then some.

'Nocebo' is the Irish filmmaker's next psychological horror film, following on from his 2020 hit film 'Vivarium' starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. Delightfully deranged, ensuring that the viewer felt claustrophobic and trapped, this next film looks just as terrifying - if not more so.

Starring Eva Green, Mark Strong and Chai Fonacier, the horror entry follows a fashion designer (Green) who suffers from a mysterious illness that her doctors cannot explain.

Frustrating her husband (Strong) and slightly terrifying her daughter ('Cruella' star Billie Gadsdon), they enlist the help of a Filipino nanny (Fonacier) who uses traditional folk healing to aid the troubled mother. However, this alternative method of treating her ends up revealing a horrifying truth... Is Eva Green's character descending into madness, or is this nanny doing more harm than good?

'Nocebo' was filmed in Dublin during 2021, recruiting Eva Green back to Ireland once again for filming. Green is known for her delightfully dark roles in TV and film such as 'Dark Shadows' and the horror TV series 'Penny Dreadful', the latter of which was also filmed on location in Dublin. It also stars 'Glenroe' and 'Hidden Assets' actor Cathy Belton in a supporting role.

Here's the 'Nocebo' trailer, which was written by Finnegan's frequent collaborator Garret Shanley.

'Nocebo' hits cinemas and streaming this November.