We've been following the production of It pretty much since it was announced, and now that the release date is nearing, we're start to see much more information crop up.

Although it's a small enough tidbit of information, the official US rating for It has been announced as R. As well as this, the advisory states that Stephen King's It will have "violence/horror, bloody images, and language." While an R rating doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a good film, it does point to the fact that they're not afraid to cut down on the potential audience in order to make the film the way they need to.

In other words, the film isn't 15A or something along those lines. There's no word yet on an IFCO rating, but don't be surprised if it gets slapped with a 16 rating based on this.

Either way, colour us all kinds of excited for this. Stephen King's It hits Irish cinemas on September 8th of this year.