To borrow a phrase from the current leader of the free world, this is clearly fake news.

A story circulated yesterday online from that vaunted industry bible, WKY12 News, that claimed that Lucasfilm were set to begin filming Star Wars: Episode IX in Carlow and that the production company was actively looking for extras. Here's a screenshot of the article in question.

So, obviously, this is complete and utter bullshit. Pre-production and scouting may have begun for Episode IX, but there's no way whatsoever that Lucasfilm or anyone related to it are in Carlow looking for locations. Moreover, they certainly aren't looking for extras - nor was there any statement released to press yesterday.

Just to underline how this is utter bullshit, here's the About section of the website.

First of all, this isn't satire and none of this is entertaining - so you've failed on both counts, WKY12 News.


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