To be fair to Nicolas Cage, when he put his mind to it and he was motivated and interested, there were few actors out there who could match him in terms of intensity and commitment.

You only need to look at the likes of Leaving Las Vegas, Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant, Joe, or even stuff like Lord Of War to know that he's a capable actor - but frequently takes the money for obvious reasons. Well, for whatever reason, Cage has now confirmed that he plans to ditch acting in the next "three to four years" and shift to directing.

Cage has just one directorial credit to his name, 2002's indie drama Sonny, which starred James Franco as a discharged soldier in the '80s who lived with his brothel-owning mother and attempted to keep out of the male prostitution game. So, yeah, not exactly broad appeal movies.

Still, given how Cage is related to one of the most recognisable directors of the 20th century - Francis Ford Coppola - he'll probably have some help in terms of guidance and, let's face it, he himself has starred in a bunch of movies directed by some of the greats - and Michael Bay.


Via The Blast