We can never have too many movies of Nic Cage going off, right? Even his recent output, like 'Mandy' and 'Color Out of Space', has proven very impressive.

This latest "Cage rage" movie is titled 'Willy's Wonderland' and will be screening in theatres and on demand very soon.

Nicolas Cage (who celebrated his 57th birthday earlier this month) plays a quiet loner whose jeep breaks down in an off-the-beaten-track town.

He agrees to work in a local abandoned amusements centre as a janitor for the night in exchange for repairs.

The place is called Willy's Wonderland.

Over the horrifying evening, its eight animatronic mascots come to life and try to kill the Janitor.

Thus Nic Cage brings the rage and launches war against the characters, desperate to survive until morning.

Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz and Chris Warner also star.

Kevin Lewis directs the action horror comedy.

Watch it on digital and in select cinemas from February 12th.