This looks class. Imagine a world where the human race is divided entirely between those privileged and those not. Well, that's already a reality, but in this movie, they're separated by planets. The upper echelons of society reside on Elysium, where there's no such thing as crime, war, poverty or sickness. If you're found to have cancer cells, said cells can easily be erradicated. Fancy that.

Then there's the unfortunate folk who remain on planet Earth, forced to content with all manner of apocalyptic issues and conditions. Noone from Earth is permitted to cross over into Elysium airspace and if someone tries, Jodie Foster's ruthless character has no qualms in swatting them out like a pesky bluebottle. A dystopian world to say the least. That's where our central hero Matt Damon is stuck, and he's a far cry here from his last role in Behind the Candelabra, that's for shizzle.

Things kick into gear when Damon takes the lead on a venture towards Elyisum, after a radiation threat falls on Earth, that'll wipe out his own life, and the lives of others.

One of the closing summer blockbusters, Elysium will see our balmy evenings out with a bang. We're very excited.