As we enter the final months of 2016, we're going to see a lot more prestige and Oscar season films on the way, like Queen of Katwe and American Honey.

There'll still be the usual mixture of animated and live-action films, with Storks, Trolls and Marvel's Doctor Strange all on the way on as well.

Take a look!



Blood Father

The Gibsonnaisance (that's what it's called) continues onward with Blood Father, an action thriller starring Mel Gibson, William H. Macy and Rogue One's Diego Luna. When an ex-con's daughter is hunted by drug dealers over a suspected robbery, the two try to reconnect and evade death squads set out to end them. Violent, blackly funny, Mel Gibson's return to the big screen reminds us what a good actor he is.


The Girl On The Train

Based on the novel by Paula Hawkins, Girl On The Train follows an alcoholic woman (Emily Blunt) who commutes to Manhattan every day and dreams of a life with a husband and a child in a perfect little house. However, it's soon revealed that she had a life not too dissimilar from her dreams, but let it all fall by the way side. Meanwhile, on her daily commute, she notices something that perhaps she shouldn't have seen. Dark, emotionally compelling and with a fantastic central performance by Blunt, Girl On The Train is one of the best thrillers of the year.


War On Everyone

Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena team up for this not-a-buddy-cop-comedy about two corrupt cops in New Mexico who come up with a plan to either control or blackmail every criminal in their city. However, when they encounter a particularly dangerous criminal, it looks like they may have gone too far. Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh - who previously made The Guard with Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle - War On Everyone's definitely one not to miss.





Tom Hanks returns for the third time as Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor who wakes up in an Italian hospital with no memory of how he got there and at the centre of a manhunt. With the help of Felicity Jones, Hanks breaks out of hospital and has to stop a diabolical genius from unleashing a plague across Europe that could wipe out millions in time. The third in the Robert Brown adaptations.


American Honey

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough and newcomer Sasha Lane star in this coming-of-age drama about a group of travelling reps for a magazine who party their way across the Southern US, frequently getting into trouble with the law. 



Who wants to see an animated comedy with Kelsey Grammer, Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston and Key & Peele about storks? Directed by Nicholas Stoller, who previously wrote The Muppets and directed Get Him To The Greek and Neighbors, Storks comes from the same studio that brought you The Lego Movie and the upcoming Lego Batman Movie.



Ouija 2

Set almost forty years before the events of Ouija, a widowed mother and her two daughters run a seance scam business and decide to use a ouija board as part of their act. However, when the youngest daughter is possessed by an evil spirit.



No, it's not a remake of Troll 2. Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Timberlake star in this animated comedy from the makers of Shrek. Based on the popular dolls with the hair, a grumpy Troll (Timberlake) is forced to pair up with a giddy young Troll named Poppy (Anna Kendrick) to save Troll Town from the mean Bergens.


Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Tom Cruise is back as ex-US Army Ranger Jack Reacher. Returning to his old Army base, Reacher's contact (Cobie Smulders) is arrested and he is accused of a murder that took place sixteen years ago. Breaking out, he and Smulders have to solve the murder and uncover a much larger conspiracy at work.


The Queen of Katwe

Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo star in this affecting drama about a young Ugandan girl whose life is changed forever when she's introduced to the game of chess and soon realises she has an innate talent for the game.



Doctor Strange

The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a brilliant surgeon whose skills desert him following a brutal accident. Seeking a way to change heal himself and regain his former life, Strange travels to the ends of the planet and unravels a hidden world with incredible powers and dangerous foes.


Keeping Up With The Joneses

Zach Galifinakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot star in this action comedy about two seemingly normal suburban families, one of which is actually a pair of international super-spies.


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