Blockbusters are on the return for the tail end of summer 2020, and 'Tenet' will be one of the first to hit cinemas in a few weeks time.

With Irish cinemas set to re-open on August 10, with everything going as planned and with social distancing measures still in place, it looks like we'll have at least one great blockbuster to head along to this summer. The new 'Tenet' trailer for Christopher Nolan arrived overnight, and the movie is looking as mysterious and mind-bending as ever.

John David Washington ('BlacKkKlansman') stars as the main character in Nolan's new sci-fi action rollercoaster, where we will find the protagonist armed with just one word that will help humanity survive - "Tenet".

Interestingly, the new 'Tenet' trailer debuted on the video game 'Fortnite' during an in-game event. The Nolan-'Fortnite' collaboration won't end there, as the video game will host a streaming event of one of the director's previous iconic movies later this summer too.

Joining Washington in the cast line-up is Robert Pattinson ('The King'), Elizabeth Debicki ('Widows'), Aaron Taylor-Johnson ('Kick-Ass'), Clémence Poésy ('In Bruges'), with Michael Caine ('The Dark Knight') and Kenneth Branagh ('Cinderella').

'Tenet' will release in cinemas worldwide from July 17, but Irish cinemas are not due to open until August 10. Due to the lack of blockbuster movies with cinemas closed this summer, 'Tenet' stands to make an impressive amount of money from hungry cinema-goers.