Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months which, let's face it, is quite improbable for a multitude of different reasons, you'll no doubt be aware that there's a new Star Trek movie fast approaching. The movie, directed by JJ Abrams of "Lost", "Mission Impossible III" and "Cloverfield" fame, will centre around the early Starfleet careers of future USS Enterprise officers James Kirk, Spock, Scotty, McCoy and the rest. The casting for this movie has been rather delightful so far, with "Heroes" star (and possible Leonard Nimoy clone) Zachary Quinto playing Mr. Spock and Simon Pegg ideally cast as Chief Engineer Scotty. Chris Pine plays the young James T. Kirk, looking like a hybrid of William Shatner and a random cast member of The OC. The movie is expected to be in our cinemas in the summer of 2009, but to tide you over until then we have got our hands on the first exclusive trailer to what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of next year. So set phasers to 'anticipation' and watch the brand new Star Trek Trailer here. Engage!