Just a couple of days after the first footage of Joaquin Phoenix for 'Joker' surfaces online, there's now new set photos and a video of him in action.

The set video by TMZ shows Phoenix, in full costume and wearing the iconic makeup and suit, waltzing off a subway train with a smile on his face as a riot breaks out between passengers. Some of the passengers also appear to be working clown masks, and you can also see a 'Kill The Rich' poster in there as well.

Here's the video in question.

And here's a few of the set photos that have turned up online.

So, what does any of this tell us? Well, not a lot really but it's kicked off plenty of theories about what 'Joker' will be about. Previous reports suggested that Thomas Wayne, the role that Alec Baldwin was due to play, was to be inspired in part by Donald Trump in the '80s and was very likely the reason he was chosen for the role - before he walked away.

Keep in mind that this is a completely different iteration of the character, so it might just be that Thomas Wayne isn't such a good guy after all and that Joker's antagonism of him is rooted in some kind of social upheaval. You can see there's a 'Kill The Rich' poster in the background, which is pretty telling.

Either way, it looks like Todd Phillips and Jaoquin Phoenix are trying to do something original and that's only a good thing. 'Joker' arrives in Irish cinemas on October 4th, 2019.