The Renee Zellweger news stories just keep on coming, if in fact it is Renee Zellweger, we still can't be sure, but look she's happy, isn't she? Although, Renee may not be too pleased with this news, as it's reported that studio bosses have ditched her from the next Bridget Jones movie as she simply looks too different now.

So guess what they've apparently decided to do instead? (According to The Star anyways). They've decided Reese Witherspoon should be the woman for the job, with a source saying that Renee's radical face change may have now cost her as much as £20million, as that's the amount being offered to Reese for the role, although these 'sources' aren't sure how Reese will feel about the whole fattening up thing.

So essentially what we are saying is, these studio bosses think that Reese Witherspoon now looks more like Renee Zellweger... than the actual Renee Zellweger. And that if they were to use the actual Renee, they might alienate audiences because she looks so different, which a completely different actress would apparently NOT do.

Get it? Yeah us neither.