Lindsay Lohan is set to touchdown on our lovely Emerald Isle before long to film for a new Netflix movie and she's looking for her Irish twin. Apparently, the film requires a body double for Ms. Lohan and sure, no better place to be looking for a red head, is there?

Any time Hollywood takes on an Irish context, it makes for interesting cinema to say the least. In recent years, we've had the likes of 'Wild Mountain Thyme' for which our beloved Movies Editor Brian Lloyd awarded a one star review and dubbed it "an absolute ball of sh*t".

Now, Netflix are having a stab at portraying Ireland and our people in a RomCom they call 'Irish Wish' starring 'Maddie' played by none other than 'Mean Girls' sweetheart turned cool girl, Lindsay Lohan. Oh, and they're looking for an Irish person who looks like her.

Yep, you've read that right — Netflix and Lohan are on the lookout for an eligible camera body double to work alongside the actor. Now, in all seriousness, we're not sure that hair colour is part of their criteria, but it's not not part of their criteria either.

In a casting call published on, the call stated "We a currently a very exciting Full time role for a CAMERA BODY DOUBLE for a well known Actress on a upcoming Netflix Rom Com called 'Irish Wish' shooting in Dublin/ Wicklow".

Further information states that applicants should be residing in Dublin and have availability from the 5th of September until the 14th of October. It states that any acting experience will be considered an advantage "as role requires scenes with main cast members".

Under the requirements section, the role even specifies "Applicants must be willing to have hair dyed red for role if selected". Well, there you go now. Have you got anybody in mind that might suit the role?

Want to apply? Check out their casting call here.