HP fans, this should be a walk in the Quidditch field...

Still to this day, we can't help but get lost in a 'Harry Potter' novel or film from the franchise. We also love making a quiz on the subject, like this new one where you must guess each of the 'Harry Potter' characters.

While HBO might be busy working away on some form of TV series, and Wizarding World movies still continuing with the next instalment in the 'Fantastic Beasts' to be released in the future (not to mention the West End play), we're keeping it simple and paying homage to the eight original movies for our quiz.

Before you get underway, be sure that your spelling is up to par; you're going to need to think fast while also remembering how each of the 'Harry Potter' characters' names is spelt. Are you up for the challenge?

As ever, let us know how well you do in the Facebook comments, and be sure to pass our quiz onto all of the Potterheads you know.

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