In a nod to a bit of Oscar history last night, John Cena (with the help of a strategically-placed envelope) walked out on stage last night to deliver the Best Costume Design award in the nip.

In 1974, during David Niven's speech at the Oscars, a man by the name of Robert Opel ran out in the middle of it and streaked across the stage. Indeed, the bit in question was later theorised to have been a planned stunt on the night to help the ceremony's stuffy atmosphere.

John Cena, who sadly was not nominated for any of the major awards last night, began the bit by being reticent at first and imploring Jimmy Kimmel, host of the night's ceremony, to do the bit without him. "The male body is not a joke!" Cena snapped, to which Kimmel replied, "Mine is?"

Cena then walked across the stage with the envelope covering his 16-time World Champion-winning private parts to remind the assembled crowd of how important costumes are, before adding that he can't open the envelope without revealing himself to the crowd and everyone at home.

Here's the bit in full. The award in question went to Holly Waddington, for her work on 'Poor Things'.