James Gandolfini has signed up for the project In The Loop, where the former Soprano’s star will play a General in a cinematic parody of the inner workings of the British and American governments. That’s cool an all, but it’s also been announced that My Girl star Anna Chlumsky will play his assistant; which is great news for men in their 20’s everywhere, who feel in love with her as she mourned the untimely demise of Macaulay Culkin’s character in the early 90’s coming-of-age tearjerker. Where has she been all these years? What does she look like now (look to the left as she dons the red carpet for the Becoming Jane premiere)? And more importantly, has she grown up into the beautiful and talented actress that many an adolescent male (including me) envisioned? All this will be answered when we all finally see the flick. Until then we have the memories... *looks out the window in a ponderous fashion*