Staying in for the weekend? Of course you are. Here's our pick of the movies on TV this weekend.


Friday - 21:40

RTE 2 - Grabbers

Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey star in this deliciously gory and uproariously funny comedy set on a remote island where gigantic alien octopodes fall from the sky to feast on humans. But how can humans survive against them? By being drunk. No, seriously. Hugely underrated, Grabbers is a brilliant, weird and surprisingly scary film that you really should check out.


Saturday - 23:40

BBC One - Insomnia

Al Pacino and Robin Williams star in what's often described as Christopher Nolan's most overlooked film. A hardened detective (Pacino) is sent to a remote town near the Arctic Circle that's bathed in constant daylight. Hiding out from corruption charges, he's sent to investigate the murder of a young woman and tracks the case to a nebbish author (Williams) who has blackmail material on him. Taut, finely directed and with a surprisingly understated performance from Pacino, Insomnia's probably Nolan's most straightforward films, but is nevertheless entertaining and rewarding.


Sunday 21:00

TV3 - Dirty Dancing

Do you even need us to give you a synopsis here? Better yet, read our opinion piece on how Dirty Dancing is actually a Good Film™ and you'll get all the motivation you need to watch it.