We've been keeping a loose eye on Spielberg's in-production Cold War thriller that sees him reunited with Catch Me If You Can star Tom Hanks.

Last night saw some interesting details emerge about the film, including the title and the actual plot of the film. Bridge of Spies, as its known, follows the story of the first prisoner exchange between the USSR and the West in the 1960's in East Germany.

Hanks plays James Donovan, the lawyer who worked on behalf of the CIA to negotiate the release of a US pilot whose plane was shot down in Soviet airspace. Wolf Hall's Mark Rylance and Amy Adams are cast in as-yet unidentified roles.

Meanwhile, long-time collaborator John Williams will be scoring the film for Spielberg. Williams is already signed on to score Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we'd imagine he'll have a hand in the eventual spin-off films as well.

Cold War-set films seem to be the du jour genre of late, with Tom Hardy's Child 44 set for release in the next month and Guy Ritchie's The Man From UNCLE expected to make a big splash this summer.

Bridge of Spies will be released in Irish cinemas in late 2015. 


Via /Film