The actor famed for playing Professor Sprout in the fantasy series hasn't minced her words while sending out a birthday message to a fan.

In case you didn't already know, Mariam Margolyes is a legend. The star of only two of the 'Harry Potter' movies has been known for her incredibly honest outlook on life, and has often made us laugh out loud while appearing on the sofa of 'The Graham Norton Show' on a number of occasions.

However, you can think again if you wondered whether she's a fan of the magical series, as she most definitely is not. Speaking to a fan from her video messaging account on Cameo, Professor Sprout wishes RJ a happy birthday all while highlighting her disinterest in the wizarding world.

She tells the fan: "I understand you and Chris are huge 'Harry Potter' fans. Here’s the thing, I’m not. I’m not against it, I’m just not interested. I’ve never seen a film. I’ve never seen the books, I’ve never read them."

She continues her brutal honesty, admitting: "I just pocket the money when it comes and I’m very grateful for it. I think that J.K. Rowling is a terrific writer. I’m sure Harry Potter’s world is a good world, but it’s not my world.

"So I have to step very gingerly over the gap between you and me and hope that you understand that, despite the fact I’m headmistress of Hufflepuff and you’re in Gryffindor, I don’t really want to talk about 'Harry Potter'."

Now, the age of the fan named RJ isn't known, but we hope they're old enough to see the funny side of her message. If you feel like gifting a close one with a Miriam Margolyes video, be sure to head over to her Cameo page, where she'll charge you €92 for a shout out. But take it from us, the money will be well-spent - the three video examples on display are gold.

In honour of the hilariously potty-mouthed actor, here's the clip of her with Daniel Radcliffe on 'The Graham Norton Show' in which she tells him that his balls have dropped. Never change, Miriam Margolyes, never change.

Via Metro.