Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is no stranger to garnering controversy. His back catalogue of 'Bowling for Columbine', 'Fahrenheit 9/11', and 'Sicko' have all landed him in hot water for placing the American people under the microscope. Normally, his movies enrage the type of people who deserve a wake-up call.

However, this time around, his newest documentary has felt the wrath of the very people who have typically been fighting alongside him - climate change activists. You see, the new Michael Moore documentary 'Planet of the Humans' has been blasted for confusing viewers, and deceiving them about the benefits of clean energy.

Released on YouTube ahead of Earth Day last week, the new documentary is directed by Jeff Gibbs and executive produced by Moore and has been viewed nearly four million times within a week. Unfortunately however, the movie seems to be exactly what the world doesn't need at this very moment.

Various climate change activists and publications have blasted the documentary online as not being researched enough, with many claiming that it is ultimately saying green energy is a fraud.

'Planet of the Humans' appears to argue solar power and electric cars as alternative power sources are not the answer for fossil fuels, branding them as extensions of these resources. Many have said the documentary was poorly researched, and completely ignores the next generation of nuclear energy altogether.

Whatever your opinion, it might be worth checking out the new Michael Moore documentary 'Planet of the Humans' to see what all the fuss is about. The movie is available for free over on YouTube.